Scot Roast all started when comedian Pablo Serski applied for a show at Edinburgh Fringe 2017, with the idea of creating a “roast” style show. After Monty Burns had a show blow out that year, Pablo asked Monty to come and host a week of the show and act as Roastmaster instead. And so began the journey to mould the show to what it is now.

Originally, Pablo would sit at the side and adjudicate the roasters, but with the invention of the character “Major Cunt”, Pablo would take a much more vital role, tearing into the audience, setting the tone for the show and letting the crowd know no one is safe.

The first and second year at Edinburgh Fringe Festival were realistically testing grounds and quite often the show’s format would change to better suit the flow and mood of the evening. However, after finding their feet, Scot Roast has solidified with a 5-star rated model which brings the crowds coming back time and time again.

Scot Roast has bred impressive comedy writers and roasters and is incredibly proud to be the definitive roast show at the Fringe. If you’re watching a roast show in the UK and you are impressed by one of the acts, there’s a good chance they honed their skills at Scot Roast!



Major Cunt
Roast Enforcer
Monty Burns
Roast Master



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